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Chapters: A Photo Journey


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CH1: Monks and Astronomers

CH2: The Experiment That Detects Nothing

CH3: Little Neutral Ones

CH4: The Paranal Light Quartest

CH5: Fire, Rock, and Ice

CH6: Three Thousand Eyes in the Karoo

CH7: Antimatter Over Antarctica

CH8: Einstein Meets Quantum Physics at the South Pole

CH9: The Heart of the Matter

CH10: Whispers from Other Universes



Cosmology, and indeed all of physics, finds itself at a crossroads. The next few years could yield answers to profound questions. What is the dark matter that makes up about 90 per cent of the matter in the universe? What is the nature of the dark energy that is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate? What is the origin of mass? Why does our universe seem fine-tuned for the emergence of life? Are there other universes out there? The Edge of Physics takes the reader on a journey to the ends of the Earth, in search of telescopes and detectors that will help answer these questions.

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